Kauai wild boar hunter Diedrich Prigge Jr.

One of Kauai’s all-time great wild boar hunters was Diedrich Prigge Jr. (1906-1980), the son of German immigrant and longtime Kauai schoolteacher Diedrich Prigge Sr. and Hannah Kaai Prigge of Anahola.

Kauai schoolteacher Mrs. Lucy Wright

Mrs. Lucy Kapahu Aukai Wright was born on Kauai, was of Hawaiian-Chinese ancestry, and after completing studies on Oahu returned to Kauai as principal and sole teacher at Anahola English School.

Kauai hero Arthur Junichi ‘Jun’ Saiki

On March 20, 1937, 12-year-old Kapaa Grammar School student Arthur “Jun” Saiki was standing on a bridge straddling Kapaa’s Waipouli Stream with a group of his young friends, watching a torrent of muddy storm water flow beneath him that had risen three feet, almost to bridge level.

Old-Time Kauai banker Frank Crawford

Kauai banker Frank Crawford (1871-1962) was born in Indiana and came to Kauai in 1903 to open the first branch bank of the Bank of Hawaii in the Territory of Hawaii at Lihue, where he continued to serve until 1946,

Little Emily Lemaholo kidnapped to Kauai

About the 11th of December 1900, Emily Lemaholo — a little Hawaiian girl — was abducted from her Honolulu home by a Native Hawaiian woman who took her to Honolulu Harbor, where a witness who knew Emily observed the child

Kauai-born Seiichi Moriwake impressed into the Japanese Army

In 1911, when 21-year-old Seiichi Moriwake (1890-1950) of Mana Camp, Kauai, left Hawaii with his parents, Mangoro and Suye Moriwake, for an extended stay in Hiroshima, Japan — the city from which his parents had immigrated to Hawaii in 1887

Kauai’s Mana Camp

Mana Camp, a now vanished but once thriving sugar plantation community, was located just off the Waimea side of Kaumualii Highway about midway between the Pacific Missile Range Facility on the west and Kamokala Ridge to the east. There are