Kauai Hospice volunteer training scheduled

Kauai Hospice will be holding a three-day training course in early October for those who are interested in providing emotional, physical, and spiritual comfort to patients in private homes and nursing facilities, and assistance for their families.

Peace celebration set for Sunday

The International Day of Peace was created by the United Nations General Assembly in 2001, and six years later, Hawaii became the first state to officially celebrate “World Peace Day.”

All you need to know about fructose!

I’ve written many times about added sugar, but what about consuming fruits, and the fructose that they contain? Are fruits considered to be added sugar? The good news is that they are not — except for smoothies and processed fruit juice. But let’s look at what exactly fructose is.

​Kids, school and physical fitness

Here we are coming to the end of summer and back to school reminders are everywhere. Now it would be nice to think that the summer months had a large volume of exercise for our children. In some cases this is true, but often summer means more time for kids to watch TV or play video games.

Safe crossing? If you’re careful

I have two words for anyone using a crosswalk: Be careful. Do not think, because you are walking within the white stripes at an intersection, you are safe. You are not.

The many benefits of clarified butter and ghee

Have you ever tried clarified butter, or ghee? I love cooking with ghee, it has a delicious smoky, nutty flavor and is perfect for high heat cooking. And there are so many health benefits too, other than just the taste!

Huli for Kauai’s taro farmers

For Kauai farmers, recovering from a major flood event is more complicated that just removing silt. As communities continue the process of recovery, growers are looking at the long process of bringing their impacted fields back into production.