How does the immune system really work?

Immune problems have all been linked to inappropriate nutrition — which is different for each of us, because we are each individually unique, both genetically as well as in the environmental context of our lives.

Picture of health

Waimea Canyon Middle School is the only school to earn the Excellence in Wellness award for five consecutive years, said William Arakaki, Kauai Area Complex superintendent, Tuesday during the principals’ meeting at the state building.

Rising above the chaos

We are fortunate to live on Kauai with its beauty and peace. There are iconic symbols of peace throughout our island called Peace Poles.

Beauty and the peace

Not many are aware of these quiet, serene grounds in the heart of Lihue, away from the traffic, and generally, other people. It’s mostly a sea of green — brush, trees, grass — with paved paths leading the way. Even a lagoon.

Aging, balance and flexibility

No doubt if you are advancing in years you may find that keeping your balance and staying flexible are becoming increasingly difficult.

A good run, again

Will Summerhays finding speed and strength on foot after long recovery from accident while biking