Safe crossing? If you’re careful

I have two words for anyone using a crosswalk: Be careful. Do not think, because you are walking within the white stripes at an intersection, you are safe. You are not.

The many benefits of clarified butter and ghee

Have you ever tried clarified butter, or ghee? I love cooking with ghee, it has a delicious smoky, nutty flavor and is perfect for high heat cooking. And there are so many health benefits too, other than just the taste!

Huli for Kauai’s taro farmers

For Kauai farmers, recovering from a major flood event is more complicated that just removing silt. As communities continue the process of recovery, growers are looking at the long process of bringing their impacted fields back into production.

​Sprinting for your health ​

In the early days of my youth, I wasn’t very athletic. One day, I was trying out for football and the coach made a comment to another coach “that kid was pretty fast in sprint drills,” of course the comment was directed toward me.

Let’s look at dairy sensitivity

Maybe you’ve started to hear more about people stopping eating dairy products, and choosing dairy-free milk alternatives such as almond milk. Do we need to stop consuming dairy products? First, let’s look at why dairy might be a problem for so many people.

​10 essential starting points to health

Better health, better nutrition, weight loss and getting in shape. All these things are pushed at each of us every day. No matter where we look, some form of media is doing an in your face advertising approach to sell you products and services to achieve optimal health.

Everyday Buddhism, Saturday

Everyday Buddhism is the theme of the Kauai Hongwanji Council BCS Summer Session Satellite Seminar from 1:30 to 4 p.m. Saturday at the Lihue Hongwanji Mission.