Kauai Hospice training for new volunteers

A training course will be offered next month for those interested in becoming Kauai Hospice volunteers. The most important requirement for hospice volunteering is a willingness to help.

February is Healthy Heart Month!

Let’s celebrate, not just on Valentine’s day but every day of the year and make sure that we are doing everything we can to focus on having a healthy heart.

Paula McGinnis battles autoimmune disease with faith, courage

The 2017 theme for the National Myasthenia Gravis of America was “I AM MG STRONG.” When Paula McGinnis pondered on the theme, her thoughts were filled with the positive, not negative, impacts that Myasthenia Gravis has had on her life and what has actually made her stronger.

Don’t count calories, count nutrients!

I love listening to podcasts or audiobooks while running. I recently listened to the Sigma Nutrition Podcast with Danny Lennon. I really like it, and I follow his work. His guests were Professor Tim Noakes and Martin MacDonald from Mac-Nutrition.

Health involves learning by watching

Health and wellness presentations and documentaries are something I am always looking for to improve my knowledge around health topics. In my opinion, one of the best ways to really understand a topic related to health and wellness is to listen to someone’s presentation or watch a great documentary.


Ten outstanding youth across the United States, including one on Kauai, were recognized as “Be Fearless Be Kind” award winners by Special Olympics and global play and entertainment company, Hasbro, Inc.