‘Who’s responsible?’

Charles Rapozo is feeling better these days. “I feel like I got out of a cage and I feel more at peace,” he said Tuesday at the Historic County Building. “People treat me with respect over here and the workers are kind to me, with ‘goodmornings’ and ‘thank yous,’ and just being polite to me.”

Working for the revolution

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and Nina Turner, president of Our Revolution, traveled across Hawaii this past weekend to promote citizen engagement, grassroots organizing, andefforts to reform and strengthen democracy and the Democratic Party.

Council approves General Plan

The Kauai County Council recently voted six to one to adopt the County’s General Plan. Councilwoman JoAnn Yukimura, who voted against the plan’s adoption, said there are three serious problems with the plan that can’t be ignored.

Gabbard asks for input

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard announced resources on her official website for Hawaii constituents to submit federal appropriations requests for the upcoming fiscal year.

Public weighs in on North Korean treaty resolution

The public had a lot to say at Wednesday’s Kauai County Council meeting, after a resolution was introduced urging the United States to conduct diplomatic talks with North Korea withthe goal of signing a peace treaty.