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‘Dog Sees God’

Lori Benkert could have picked a happy, feel-good play for her directorial debut with Kauai Community Players. She could have went with a light comedy, sure to leave you smiling. But she wanted something with more impact — even if it means a few audience members walk out.

Kauai musician picks up where he left off

Sashamon is ready to share his music with the world. Again. The Anahola resident, also known as Sasha Spiller-Reiff, took a break from the high-paced music life he was headed into nearly a decade ago with the release of his first album. With the worldwide popularity of his self-produced album, “Someday Maybe,” he continues to get more than 100,000 plays a week on Spotify.

Dok-go feels danger closing in

Supermarkets in South Korea are reinventing themselves into “Grocerants.” In a convenient world where we can buy nearly anything with a few clicks online, brick and motor stores need to adapt to the changing consumer trends.

Eun Cheon is furious; Pil Joo is ousted

Daesung, member of iconic K-pop group “Big Bang,” will be enlisting in the mandatory military service in Korea. Military service of two years is mandatory for South Korean males.

Fun and games in paradise

Games are a part of every culture and Hawaii is no exception. Hawaiian games are exciting and fun, even if you are just a spectator! Reports note how hundreds, even thousands would attend.

‘Circus’ bowl for the kids

Samira Siale of the Enterprise Rent A Car team had the answers for the circus-themed bowling fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters Kauai. “We had a horse ready to go,” Siale said of the costumed entourage. “We even had a lion cutout for a dog, but they would have had to stay outside the bowling alley, and no one would go outside to look at them.”