Mr. Kauai goes to Vegas

Kiamo Motooka has a message he wants the world to hear. Thanks to dedication and belief in himself, he’ll be delivering it this weekend. “It’s uncomfortable for sure, but it’s something that needs to be addressed,” he said. “It can’t be ignored.” Motooka will be giving a presentation on teen suicide, as well being interviewed and posing in Speedos, when he travels to Las Vegas with other men from Hawaii to compete in the Mr. All American Man title, under the direction of Jenna Yap.

Gala set to continue Gannenmono celebrations

Gannenmono, or the first Japanese immigrants to arrive in Hawaii 150 years ago, celebrations feature a trio of events for Kauai’s people to enjoy on Sept. 21 and 22. “Our signature program is the autumn Matsuri Kauai festival,” said Jeffrey Kimoto of the Japanese Cultural Society. “This year’s theme celebrates the 150th anniversary of the first Japanese immigrants to Hawaii, and we will be having a series of events related to this celebration.”

Rare is found ‘A Perfect Love and A Blessed Life’

When I moved to Kauai five and a half years ago, one of the first people to reach out, say hello and welcome me, was Joe Frisinger. He and his wife, Jane, invited me and my wife Marianne out to their home for lunch and to meet their neighbors. We were fortunate enough to spend more time with Joe and Jane at their beautiful Princeville home.

LifeSongs concerts will support North Shore flood relief

Kauai is a place for transitions. People come from all over the world to see spectacular beauty and realize the island’s ancient lessons moving in their lives. Locals are quick to recognize this tectonic shift, communing in acknowledgment that all are part of a larger, subtler transformation, even when those evolutions are involuntary.

Let the sun shine

One vendor lamented the lack of the county’s Sunshine Markets in Lihue for the past two weeks. “In Lihue, we were closed last week because of the hurricane,” the vendor said. “The week before, we were closed because it was the Kauai County Farm Bureau Fair.”

Kang Woo runs; Chan Ki smiles

History and real drama happened in the Korean peninsula this past week as families separated by the Korean War were reunited after 65 years. Parents in their late 90s and early 100s met their children in their 70s in Kumkangsan Resort, on the eastern coast of North Korea.

Enjoying the farm fair

Chef Jason Sessions of the Nanea Restaurant at the Westin Princeville topped the 9th annual Kauai Coffee Celebrity Chef Cookoff for Charity, earning $2,000 for the Westin Princeville Foundation.

Doing something good with trash

Trash washes up on Kauai’s beaches daily, said Kilauea artist Abigail Boroughs. “I’m doing something good with this trash,” Boroughs said. “Some of these pieces I’ve had for years, like this buffalo in the“Flood” piece. I’ve had that for a while, and when the floods happened, it just fit in.”