Kauai Voices ROCKS!

They will, they will, rock you. Sing it. They will, they will, rock you. That’s what Kauai Voices plans to do next week for their three concerts at St. Michael and All Angels Episcopal Church in Lihue.

Strumming strings

The ukulele is one of Hawaii’s most beloved instruments. Along with the ipu — a percussion instrument made from gourds that has provided beats for hula dancing since the 18th century — the four-stringed instrument has had a lasting impact on Hawaii’s music.

Time for slacking

Slack key is one of Hawaii’s greatest musical traditions. The finger-picking guitar style called ki ho’alu literally means “loosen the key.”

Lois, this one’s for you

After nearly 30 years directing Kauai Chorale, it’s down to two performances for Lois Ricciardi: tonight and Saturday, both at the Kauai Aqua Beach Resort. These shows are not to be missed, said Wes Cronk, Kauai Chorale president who is also leaving the group after 14 years.

The Wailing Souls on Kauai

Reggae superstars from the island nation of Jamaica are not only helping Kauai recover from recent floods by sharing their uplifting message but also by donating a portion of concert proceeds to support flood relief.