Silver Screen songs

S. Morris Wise admits he is nervous about directing his first Kauai Chorale show. But he’s also confident.

Let’s ‘Rockville’

Sophia Ross, who taught her children about the Civil War, is struck by the similarities of then, and now, in America.

The Gathering

The Kauai Old Time Gathering, sponsored by Hale Puna and Kokee Lodge, is today through Sunday in Kokee State Park. The gathering is a celebration of the traditional musics of North America and the Hawaiian Islands and an opportunity for fans and musicians to learn how to perform different styles on a variety of instruments in workshops, classes and jams.

EXTRA! EXTRA! ‘Newsies’ a hit!

“Above the fold.” That is a line in the Hawaii Children’s Theatre musical production of “Newsies.” It’s a scene where some of the newsboys are talking about a competing newspaper’s coverage of their strike against the New York “World” for an increase in their purchase price of papers.

Rapping down a dream

As Dawna White watched her youngest daughter Arianna doing “amazing, fun things,” she had a thought.