‘Nothing like it available in Hawaii’

Situated on the only remaining undeveloped oceanfront land along the Poipu coastline, Makahuena Estates is the first newly constructed seafront subdivision offered for purchase in Poipu since 1950.

If you don’t rock the boat, how do you change its direction?

A little over 20 years ago, on May 6, 1998, then-Maui Mayor Linda Lingle was speaking to a group of business leaders from the Chamber of Commerce of Hawaii. Before the meeting, she was told that she could speak on anything she wanted to, but was specifically told not to criticize any specific person in government.

Taxing online sellers is a victory for local stores

The Supreme Court of the United States today decided Wayfair, Inc. v. South Dakota, and held that “physical presence” is not necessary before states can validly apply their taxing powers to businesses that have neither persons nor property in a state but nevertheless conduct substantial business in that State.