Constitutional question: Just say it’s a tax!

The news recently mentioned a lawsuit that the City and County of Honolulu, now joined by the other three counties, has leveled against our state government regarding the Hawaii State Teachers Association-sponsored constitutional amendment. The counties, obviously not overjoyed at the prospect of the state slapping a surcharge on their primary source of revenue, want the courts to void the ballot question.

Hogan acquires Marin Management

Hogan Hospitality Group (HHG), a hotel management company with properties in Hawaii including Kauai Shores in Kapaa, has obtained a majority interest in Marin Management Inc. (MMI), a California-based hospitality group managing properties in California, Arizona and Texas. That adds 17 hotels, restaurants and spas to HHG’s portfolio.

Kauai flush with films

Officials statewide are predicting an excess of $400 million in Hawaii revenues for film and television production, and Kauai’s film commissioner said The Garden Island is doing its part.

Historic homes in Honolulu County

One of the more unique property tax exemptions in the City & County of Honolulu is the exemption for “Historic Residential Real Property Dedicated for Preservation.” Under the exemption ordinance, owners of historic homes can save thousands of dollars in real property taxes every year if they put up a certain plaque, allow viewing of the home and meet other requirements.

Hawaii’s Global Tourism Summit to address future of travel

The theme of this year’s Global Tourism Summit, “Charting the Course,” points to the ever-present need for destinations and travel suppliers to continuously balance the power of tourism’s popularity worldwide with its impact on residents and communities.

How long does it take to have a home on Kauai?

Today we focus on Kauai real property tax, thanks to an alert reader who has given us a horrifying account of something so commonplace as buying a home there. How long do you think it takes between buying a home on Kauai and having the “home exemption” effective for real property tax there?