Kauai Council brings Christmas early to Rice Street

With the passage of Bill 2687 the Kauai County Council seems poised to gift millions of dollars of increased property values to a relatively small number of owners located in Lihue along Rice Street with “no strings attached.”

Vote for candidates who let people decide on issues

On June 28 at the mayoral forum, both Derek Kawakami and Mel Rapozo were asked directly if they were going to support the affordable housing resolution proposed by JoAnn Yukimura. The resolution, if passed on Wednesday, would appear on the fall ballot, giving voters an opportunity to decide whether or not 3 percent of the existing real property tax (about $4.3 million) revenues should be used for affordable housing on Kauai.

We need to protect Kauai’s brand before it’s too late

The head of the Hawaii Tourism Authority, George Szigeti, has been gently ousted in what is an unmistakable acknowledgment that the agency’s only strategy — best summarized as “more” — is weakening the state’s overall appeal amid concerns about over-saturation of visitors. In other words, Hawaii has found out how much is too much.