Getting reacquainted with a symbolic New Year’s threesome

Old Man Time reached his limit for 2018 seven days ago, accompanied by the “inexorable march of time,” often symbolized by the tortoise. And the stork, carrying birth symbolism, brings in the new year — 2019, in this case — with a quick backwards glance to the past, but with intention aimed forward.

Aloha is what binds us together

Our former mayor, Bernard Carvalho Jr., was big on aloha. He preached it. He lived it. He led the county government by it. His trademark, “Aloooooooooha” always opened his remarks. And if you had a chance to spend any time with Carvalho, you knew the aloha was genuine.

Comments welcome, but let’s be respectful

A recent caller to The Garden Island said she was concerned with our online comments on stories, columns and letters to the editor. Many, she said, were too negative. Too critical. Too nasty. And by publishing them, we were spreading negativity and, in a way, encouraging these people to continue such behavior. Why, she asked, do you allow those comments online?