Hawaii doesn’t need a Constitutional Convention

Your publication recently editorialized that a Constitutional Convention would “put power back into the hands of voters” and “sidesteps political gamesmanship.” If only. You make no mention of the enormous powerof dark money that has so infected our democracy.

Candidates, reveal stances on high rises

I like Kauai as it is and I feel that a high rise might be built on the island and that would change the uniqueness of Kauai forever. He then said, “A high rise is coming to Kauai.” I replied, “That would be terrible.” He then said, “Sorry.”

Vote yes Nov. 6 for a constitutional convention

Hawaii voters have a rare opportunity this election to take control of their government. Not by selecting the lawmaker a voter thinks will best represent him or her — though there’s always that option, too — but by sidestepping the establishment and diving directly into legislating.