Kavanaugh doesn’t deserve to be on Supreme Court

“Prejudice” derives from Latin, meaning exactly as it suggests: “judging in advance.” In our country, it should be a basic creed that no public official, from cop to top, should be prejudiced against specific (non-criminal) groups of our citizens. Especially, judges at any level should not be prejudiced. That’s the meaning of the blindfold on Lady Justice.

Striving to think – and write – in support of diversity

The “Green Flash” is flashing orange, cooling … slowly traveling the spectrum to return to the healing vibration of life, the color green. It’s disappointing to this writer to see the old “local vs. haole/white foreigner” division erupting in recent editions of The Garden Island Forum letters, and unacceptable language.

Kauai Volunteers and World War II

Hank Soboleski’s column in The Garden Island (Sept. 30) sparked a flame in me, of recalling much during the early days of World War II. I always go straight to the Sunday TGI’s “Lifestyle” section to see what Hank’s latest story is to read.

Women’s voices must be supported, not silenced

When Dr. Christine Blasey Ford came forward with her story of attempted rape by Brett Kavanaugh, many women were thrown back to memories long buried and suppressed. Sexual assault survivors, both female and male, understood at a visceral level why she didn’t say anything many years ago and understood what she was sacrificing by standing up now.

Aunt Lydia did her best, then the commanders took over

If you have never watched “The Handmaids Tale,” which I suspect most local Kauai people have not, you have no idea to what I am referring. But if you are a breathing human of certain age categories, either my age category of the 50s or younger, and you are a woman who has access to the Hulu subscription service, you know exactly of what I speak.