Abuse victims need to speak up to stop the abusers

In October I posted a page to my blog and titled it “#me too.” I hesitated to take it any further than that, not knowing how much I actually wanted to share, but have finally decided if we don’t share our stories, sexual harassment will just continue.

Race should not determine league eligibility

Now that AJA (Americans of Japanese Ancestry) baseball has once again started, a few comments should be made about this fine league. I would be extremely remiss in not bringing up my long battle with these AJA heads to open their league to any person, male or female, black, white or yellow, who has the ability to compete in their league.

A practical guide to problem-solving at county level

Problem-solving and decision-making by elected bodies can be complex, convoluted and, to some, a veritable conundrum. Needless to say, in a political environment, the dynamics and pressures inhibiting the introduction of new, out-of-the-box solutions are significant.

On happy endings and new beginnings

With 2018 but a week old, we can still consider it fresh and new, even as our calendars begin to fill up with future deadlines and appointments, and leisure time plans. Old Man Time peers back over his shoulder along with the stork, and along comes the tortoise of time, moving inexorably — steadily, relentlessly.