SB3095, HD1 – A chance to protect keiki

The Hawaii state Senate is currently holding discussions about SB3095, HD1. This modest piece of legislation aims to regulate large-scale users of Restricted Use Pesticides (RUPs) and protect our keiki.

HTA fights tourism backlash

George D. Szigeti, Hawaii Tourism Authority president and CEO, has heard the critics of his agency. He’s heard them say tourism is ruining the islands, especially Kauai. He’s heard them say the HTA is not needed. He’s heard them say Hawaii doesn’t need more tourists. He’s heard them say money that goes to HTA could be used elsewhere for the benefit of the state (oh, no it can’t).

Wishing aloha oe to the humpbacks at blue moon time

Back in January 2014, on a sunny afternoon, a friend and I enjoyed a “whale walk” along the coastal path heading north from Kealia Beach. My second “Green Flash” column told how we soon spotted a spouting whale and watched the emerging curve of a humpback whale as it breached.

Here’s hoping reward leads to arrest

The stories of animal abuse are all too common. We often hear about dogs and cats, mostly, and other pets, being tortured and suffering cruel deaths at the hands of someone who doesn’t know any better and doesn’t care.