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Thanks, Jane, for all the advice over the years

Jane Riley has been writing a column for The Garden Island since before I arrived here five years ago. She has been, simply put, a wealth of wisdom. This woman knows her stuff. She is sharp, bright and energetic.

Happy Camper for Friday, April 6, 2018

Congratulations to Chef Jason Sunada and his ohana on the opening of Kawaii Kokoro, a patisserie located across Akahi street from the Tip Top Cafe in Lihue. The grand opening is Saturday.

Happy Camper for Monday, April 2, 2018

Lynn Tilker of Del Mar, California, said she’s no fool — she waited a couple of hours and was born on April 2. Happy Birthday, Lynn! She and Lori Wamstad (different from Laurie Nakama) flew in from California for the weekend, just to help at the MS Sunset Stroll at the Kapaa Beach Park.

Protein and your muscles

The human body is capable of digesting large quantities of protein, but not all of it is used to synthesize muscle.

Talk Story with Mary Lardizabal

Kapaa Middle School music teacher Mary Lardizabal got help from Loke Sasil to lead the Kapaa Middle School Choir and Ukulele Band to a double gold award showing at the WorldStrides Music Festival in Anaheim, California, during spring break.