Happy Camper for Monday, October 15, 2018

Marissa Tanji of Monkeypod Jam said the storm after Lane gave birth to one of their newest (pickled ulu?) offerings — pineapple salsa — after the Hubers weren’t able to ship out any of their sugarloaf pineapples because the inter-island barge was shut down. Jude brought over a bunch of sugarloaf pineapples (Melissa McFerrin-Warrack said she had a Pineapple Phrosty and an Ono Pop, and it was still hot!) that were bursting with ripeness and needed to get them taken care of.

Happy Camper for Sunday, October 14, 2018

Janath Hanlin of Janath Collections is happy, and Debbie Tuzon (she was going to check out lauhala master Margaret Saturday) is full of joy in their new digs at the Lawai Warehouse (Charlie Hiramoto …Shannon is on vacation … said the place comes alive on Fridays — especially at lunchtime!) where they celebrated Second Saturday last night, and we had football.

Gwang Jae is in pain; Tae Soo begs

South Korean-American actress Kim Yunjin will be back on the Korean small screen after 19 years. Kim plays the main role of Ms. Ma in the new SBS drama, “Ms. Ma Nemesis,” starting tonight at 6:45 p.m.

A welcome cup of joe

These days, to work at Napali Art Gallery & Coffee House in Haena, it appears as if one ends up wearing many hats, not only those of a barista and salesperson.

Anthropoligist and ethnomusicologist Helen Heffron Roberts

During 1923 and 1924, Helen Heffron Roberts (1888-1985), a trained musician and anthropologist headquartered at the Bishop Museum, Honolulu, recorded for the first time over 700 ancient mele and oli chanted by aged Hawaiians throughout the Hawaiian Islands, which are archived for posterity on wax cylinders at Bishop Museum.

Happy Camper for Friday, October 12, 2018

The Tuesday class (Phyllis Nakamura said if you want to see former Mayor Maryanne Kusaka you gotta check out the Saturday class), led by Evelyn Ritter (she did a lot of the artwork in the Kauai Museum), loves the character of its new workplace at the Kauai Museum courtyard.

When aging, take steps to prevent sarcopenia

Getting old seems like a distant concern for people under 40. If over forty, the aging process starts to register a little bit more and over 50, many aspects of the aging process become a glaring reality.