Understand the ballot

Armed with sample ballots, notebooks and questions, about 60 people crowded into Ha Coffee on Rice Street in Lihue Tuesday night to learn more about what they’ll be voting on Nov. 6.

Researchers lower childhood obesity

Researchers from the University of Hawaii at Manoa have reduced childhood obesity prevalence by 3.9 percent in a clinical trial targeting keiki ages 2 through 8.

Legacy of Ruth Gates

Ruth Gates, trailblazer in coral reef research, died October 25 after being diagnosed with brain cancer in May, but Hawaii officials and environmentalists say her legacy will live on.

Rain forecasted for next seven days

Monday storms are just the beginning of some wet weather, according to the National Weather Service, which is forecasting rain for at least the next seven days on Kauai.

Thunderstorms moving in

he rain that’s moving in from the west of Kauai is just the beginning of the thunderstorms forecasted to move over Kauai and Oahu tonight and tomorrow.

S.O.S. for oceans

In the midst of new plans to weaken or dismantle Obama-era environment policies like air pollution and fuel economy rules, President Donald Trump threw some support behind cleaning up the oceans in early October.

Eyes on the big picture

The Kauai Humane Society’s new executive director doesn’t live on the island full-time, but she does have a strong connection to Kauai. “I’ve been coming here at least once every year since I was three months old, ” said Mirah Horowitz in the first week of her new position as head of the shelter. “My mom, Lenore, she wrote the first guidebook about Kauai.”

It’s a wrap

The number of Hawaiian monk seal pups born on Kauai doubled in 2018, with seven new faces springing up around the island and adding to the estimated 50 adult seals that call Kauai home.