Da Shadow: Kealia greenery, Eleele bus stop

Heading up on Kealia Road, there is a wall that is hidden with overgrown brush and greenery. Can the county provide adequate maintenance and trim the overgrowth blocking the wall? The wall is identifiable by driving that roadway.

Da Shadow: Road work

Does the county have plans to re-stripe the lane markings and re-install the centerline reflectors on Maluhia Road? If so, what is the timeline for that to occur?

Da Shadow: Lydgate ramp

The ramp from the parking area to the large pavilion at Lydgate Beach Park has become a safety hazard for those that use it. The safety mats are lifting up and need to be removed or replaced. Please address this safety hazard. Also, what is the feasibility of installing a guardrail in this same location?

Da Shadow: Creative Technology Center

• Editor’s note: Old-timers might still remember the introduction from “The Shadow” radio program: “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!” Jerome Freitas, a retired state Department of Transportation worker who is now better known as Da Shadow, since 2004 has been meeting with government representatives about problems he has discovered or that have been reported to him, and reporting the county’s responses.