When disaster strikes people come first

Those of us not directly hit by the traumatic flooding that slammed our island this past weekend cannot possibly imagine its devastating impact. It is no exaggeration to say that the lives of many have been changed forever.

3 men and a lady — the mayor’s race

Up until yesterday, most residents when asked would have said it was a “three man race” for the office of Kauai mayor, if asked today, most would agree that it has now become a three man and one woman contest.

The direct democracy option

Not sure if others were as surprised as I was to see the 5 to 2 vote in support of moving forward a measure that if passed by voters would allow councilmembers to serve an unlimited amount of terms.

The realities of council service

People are often curious about the reality of serving as a member of the Kauai County Council. How much time does it take to do the work? How much does it pay? Do you really have to give up your private life in order to serve? Do you have to quit your existing employment to serve on the council? Is it really a “thankless job”?