School days formula: C+D=LLL to infinity

As a P.S. (pre- instead of post-script), Dear Readers, thanks to fans who responded to the Aug. 17 “Green Flash” about my two “uglies,” in particular, the ulu, breadfruit. Keith, Terri and Jim were all affirming, and other TGI readers met while out and about.

Beware of the doggy in this Year of the Dog

Dogs have been in Hawaii since the first canoes landed. Think of the dogtooth adornments on view at our museums, which may point to ilio (dogs) being both friend and food. On Kauai in Wailua, there is even a street named Haleilio, or House of the Dog. Ilio could also be used as a metaphor for clouds in oli and mele, chant and song. That much this writer knows.

Summer: Yellow bicycle, shave ice, stay-cool days

Summer solstice once again marked the longest daylight shine of the year as June hurried toward July, and summer has truly bloomed. The thunderous rains behind us (the volcanic eruptions continuing on our “little sister” island), and the heat turned up, the following proverb stands: “Winter’s thunder makes summer’s wonder.”

Pristinely protected and preserved

Researching a “little Galapagos” for my nature-loving husband, my attention was caught by the Channel Islands, 17 miles off the coast of California. I was delving through a travel guide on the national parks when I saw (beyond a photo of cliffs rising from ocean frilled by white breakers) the intriguing statement, “Discovering the Channel Islands is like tumbling through a time warp into a California everyone assumed had long ago vanished.”

Whistling ‘for the birds’

Here we are one week into May, sunning up slightly with clouds girdling the high center of our island like a soft, white cape resting on purple shoulders. Summer hopefully is on the way. Sun = drying out, warming up.

Wishing aloha oe to the humpbacks at blue moon time

Back in January 2014, on a sunny afternoon, a friend and I enjoyed a “whale walk” along the coastal path heading north from Kealia Beach. My second “Green Flash” column told how we soon spotted a spouting whale and watched the emerging curve of a humpback whale as it breached.