Joel Punzal runs and pays for his entire staff to participate in the Kauai half marathon

The question was: “Half or full?” When Dr. Joel Punzal asked this of his staff, the usual answer was “full” — until they learned the query was in reference to the Kauai Marathon and Half Marathon. Which distance did they want to be signed up for, 26.2 miles or 13.1? “Everyone changed their answer to the half,” said the owner of Punzal Vision in Lihue and an avid runner, who smiled as he recounted how he recruited and paid the entry fees for everyone in the office to run in this 10th annual event on Sunday.

Rare is found ‘A Perfect Love and A Blessed Life’

When I moved to Kauai five and a half years ago, one of the first people to reach out, say hello and welcome me, was Joe Frisinger. He and his wife, Jane, invited me and my wife Marianne out to their home for lunch and to meet their neighbors. We were fortunate enough to spend more time with Joe and Jane at their beautiful Princeville home.

Congratulations to Jeff Sacchini and his dedicated crew

Go with us on a little trip back in time. A man named Jeff Sacchini was out running from his home toward Mahaulepu. It was then, in 2007, as he admired the view on a glorious, sunrise morning, one he would never forget, he had a thought. We’ll let him tell it:

Amazing race — To the starting line

If Karen Donaldson can stay away from the emergency room come Sunday’s Kauai Marathon and Half Marathon, she’ll be delighted. A little less pre-race madness and driving to the hospital, and a little more relaxation and rest would be nice, too. “I’m not leaving anything to chance this year,” she wrote.

A healing, satisfying, ugly duo – noni and ulu

Ooh — what is that strange-looking thing? (It looks alien.) Is it a vegetable or a fruit? What do you do with it? These are some questions we residents of Kauai get used to answering about the noni (Indian mulberry) and ulu (breadfruit) growing along roadways and in fields and gardens on our island.