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‘Dog Sees God’

Lori Benkert could have picked a happy, feel-good play for her directorial debut with Kauai Community Players. She could have went with a light comedy, sure to leave you smiling. But she wanted something with more impact — even if it means a few audience members walk out.

Area around Jesus’ baptism site being cleared of land mines

Pilgrims seeking serenity during a visit to Jesus’ traditional baptism site may be rattled to discover they are surrounded by thousands of land mines left over from dormant Mideast conflicts. But a project now underway plans to rid the West Bank site of the explosive devices, clearing away the relics of war that have blemished the sacred place for nearly five decades.

Political tensions cloud tribute to slain Holocaust survivor

The silent decorum of a march to honor an 85-year-old woman who survived Nazi horrors only to be stabbed to death last week in an alleged anti-Semitic attack was shattered Wednesday, with crowds shouting “Nazi! Nazi!” and other insults at France’s far-right leader Marine Le Pen.

Rabbi Michoel Goldman joins proclamation ceremony

Representatives of the Jewish communities on all four major Hawaiian Islands recently came together at Gov. David Ige’s office for the first time when the governor proclaimed today, “Education and SharingDay, Hawaii.”

Larry LaSota, other Red Cross volunteers receive high praise

It was a Friday evening gathering to acknowledge Red Cross Heroes. Mainly, the volunteers. One, in particular, was the center of attention. They read certificates about him. They showed videos that highlighted his life. They called him up time and again to receive awards. They clapped for him. Larry LaSota smiled — and gave credit elsewhere.

Welcome, the kiosk will take your order

When the Lihue McDonald’s finally opened the doors following a monthlong renovation, people gave thumbs up to the new decor. More relaxing, more inviting, more space between tables and chairs.