Hawaii GOP shakeup

The Hawaii Republican Party’s Finance Committee Chair resigned abruptly Thursday, stating complaints against key officials in the party as his reason.

Gas prices keep climbing

Despite another increase in gas prices this week, Koloa resident Ashley James said she’s OK with it because they’re not as high as they were about five years ago.

Probation given in sex assault case

A man was sentenced to one year of probation Wednesday in Fifth Circuit Court on a charge of sexual assault in the fourth degree, a misdemeanor, and was ordered to register as a sex offender. Barry Thomas, 42, of Kapaa, listened quietly as his attorney Samuel Jajich addressed the court on his behalf.

Man given probation in abuse case

A Kauai man was sentenced in Fifth Circuit Court Wednesday to two years of probation for abuse of a family member, a misdemeanor, after pleading no contest to the charge. He was also ordered to pay court fees and to participate in parenting classes.

‘There is hope’

If there’s one thing Michele Kimura will tell you about her son, it’s that he was too good for this earth. On Aug. 2, four years ago, her son’s life ended and her nightmare began when she witnessed him jump from their 14th-floor Washington, D.C., apartment window to his death.

‘God, what am I going to do?’

Most days, Sheena Raposas sleeps late after coming home from work at Koloa Landing. But on Tuesday, she said her 3-year-old daughter kept bothering her to get up early, soshe did.

Thirteen firefighters graduate

The Kauai Fire Department grew Friday when 13 firefighter recruits graduated. Beginning the ceremony with the firefighter’s prayer, KFD Deputy Chief Kilipaki Vaughan said the men had endured six months of accelerated training.