Danner arrested

Prominent Native Hawaiian activist Robin Danner and her son were arrested Wednesday during a confrontation with state Department of Hawaiian Home Land enforcement officers and officers of the Kauai Police Department over a disputed campsite near Anahola Beach Park.

Rough road still ahead

State officials have abandoned any pretense that storm-damaged Kuhio Highway west of Hanalei can reopen before late January, and some sources familiar with what they describe as an “unsettled” situation say the road might not be reopen until the second half of 2019 — or even later.

Tax amendment not what it seems

In the annals of bait-and-switch swindles, a proposed Hawaii constitutional amendment to tax “investment real property” and use the revenue “to support public education” stands out not for its brazenness as much as for the obvious hope that voters won’t bother to read or think about it.

Debate, North Shore-style

It was a political debate like no other. At about 5:30 Wednesday afternoon, a column of five pickups and one small blue sedan slipped unobtrusively into the middle of the scheduled Kuhio Highway convoy from Hanalei to Wainiha and headed west with the long line of vehicles.

‘Overtourism’ on Kauai

Probably for the first time ever — but at least since 2006 — Kauai’s official visitor industry has formally acknowledged that the island has reached its capacity in terms of tourist numbers, and that those numbers must be held to current visitor counts.

Deal struck for St. Regis

After weeks of uncertainty, plans for the sale of the St. Regis Princeville Resort and the nearby Makai Golf Club to Starwood Capital Group were confirmed early Friday by a consultant handling the transaction for the large pension fund that currently owns the property.

Mayor ‘not happy’ about Coco Palms

The ongoing melodrama about the future of the former Coco Palms Resort property in Wailua took a new turn last week when Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr. gave a one-word answer to a question during an interview. “Do you believe the hotel’s developers have the capacity to see the project to completion?” The mayor’s answer: “No.” He continued: “I’m going to say that comfortably. I’m not happy.”

Crews try to upright tilting home

A construction crew swarmed over the remains of the end of Weke Road at Black Pot Beach Park on Friday, working against time to stabilize one house that survived the April flood disaster only to be nearly swept away when last week’s torrential rains hit and a temporary roadway failed.

Airbnb’s silence raises more questions

The email that dropped into my inbox late last week was innocuous enough. It announced a “webinar” on housing people displaced by disasters. But then, it turned out that the sponsor of the webinar was Airbnb.com. To me, that refocused the entire discussion.

Be sure to vote – and know what candidates stand for

The clock ticks on the most consequential county election Kauai has ever staged. The primary is Saturday. Regular registration ends this afternoon at 4 p.m., but you can register at your assigned polling place and still vote between when the polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 6 p.m.