New council off to a head-shaking start

Kauai County may have just had its most important local election in a generation, but who would have thought the new County Council would begin by calling police to remove a public commenter who refused to relinquish his seat until someone told him who called the meeting?

Danners won’t face prosecution

The Kauai County prosecutor has declined to pursue trespassing and interfering with a government agent charges against Native Hawaiian activist Robin Danner and her son, Garrett Danner, that grew out of a confrontation in Anahola last month.

Numbers tell an accurate election story

Underlying any election results — even those with very small electorates like Kauai’s that exhibit a remarkable indifference to voting — is the question: “What does it all mean?”

Derek Kawakami looks to the future

County Councilmember Derek Kawakami sat back a couple weeks ago in an easy chair in the Rice Street storefront campaign headquarters he’s using as he runs for mayor. He seemed to welcome an opportunity to get off his feet for an hour or so.

Mel Rapozo targets bureaucracy

County Council Chair Mel Rapozo slid into the banquette at JJ’s Broiler on Kalapaki Beach looking a little the worse for wear. He’d had a cold-induced coughing fit that caused a small blood vessel in his eye to burst, so he looked a bit like he’d been in a fight.

Danner arrested

Prominent Native Hawaiian activist Robin Danner and her son were arrested Wednesday during a confrontation with state Department of Hawaiian Home Land enforcement officers and officers of the Kauai Police Department over a disputed campsite near Anahola Beach Park.

Rough road still ahead

State officials have abandoned any pretense that storm-damaged Kuhio Highway west of Hanalei can reopen before late January, and some sources familiar with what they describe as an “unsettled” situation say the road might not be reopen until the second half of 2019 — or even later.

Tax amendment not what it seems

In the annals of bait-and-switch swindles, a proposed Hawaii constitutional amendment to tax “investment real property” and use the revenue “to support public education” stands out not for its brazenness as much as for the obvious hope that voters won’t bother to read or think about it.

Debate, North Shore-style

It was a political debate like no other. At about 5:30 Wednesday afternoon, a column of five pickups and one small blue sedan slipped unobtrusively into the middle of the scheduled Kuhio Highway convoy from Hanalei to Wainiha and headed west with the long line of vehicles.

‘Overtourism’ on Kauai

Probably for the first time ever — but at least since 2006 — Kauai’s official visitor industry has formally acknowledged that the island has reached its capacity in terms of tourist numbers, and that those numbers must be held to current visitor counts.