Trump provides written responses to Mueller questions

President Donald Trump has provided the special counsel with written answers to questions about his knowledge of Russian interference in the 2016 election, his lawyers said Tuesday, avoiding at least for now a potentially risky sit-down with prosecutors. It’s the first time he has directly cooperated with the long investigation.

European zoos to send critically endangered rhinos to Rwanda

Wildlife parks in three European countries on Tuesday announced they are joining forces to send critically endangered eastern black rhinos back to their natural habitat in Rwanda, where the entire rhino population was wiped out during the genocide in the 1990s.

Scientists work to save wild Puerto Rican parrot after Maria

Biologists are trying to save the last of the endangered Puerto Rican parrots after more than half the population of the bright green birds with turquoise-tipped wings disappeared when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and destroyed their habitat and food sources.

US judge stalls enforcement of Trump asylum restrictions

A judge has ordered the U.S. government not to enforce a ban on asylum for people who cross the southern border illegally, another court setback for the Trump administration’s efforts to impose new immigration restrictions without congressional approval.

Honor the memory

Heidi Low lost her daughter, Alison, to a brain tumor when Alison was five years old.

Poets meeting on Dec. 3

The next meeting of the Kauai ‘Live Poets’ Society’ in partnership with the Lihue Public Library will be held on Monday, Dec. 3, 6:30 p.m. in the library conference room.

Suki’s safe

Muddy trails threw a wrench into the weekend for Kauai Humane Society pup Suki, who ran away intothe Sleeping Giant area after a field trip took a slippery turn.