State identifies mumps in Maui resident

HONOLULU — The Hawaii Department of Health has identified a case of mumps in a Maui resident who reportedly traveled to Oahu. Oahu continues to see developing cases of mumps infection since the outbreak began more than one year ago. However, the last case of mumps identified on Maui was in November 2017. DOH has confirmed 985 cases of mumps since the outbreak began on March 1, 2017.

“The mumps virus continues to circulate in our communities,” said State Epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Park. “While the number of new cases we have identified in recent weeks has slowed, this outbreak is not over. The largest number of cases are on Oahu, and because of the ease of inter-island travel, new cases may continue to emerge on other islands.”

As summer approaches and families make travel plans, DOH recommends people get vaccinated; stay home when sick; cover coughs and sneezes, and wash hands frequently; and void sharing food and drinks.

  1. Charlie Chimknee May 16, 2018 10:14 pm Reply

    .Aloha Kakou,

    It’s amazing what a few generations can lose sight of both in the recent and historical past.

    Of course back when the early Europeans and Americans arrived in Hawaii, the measles took the lives of many. but the Hawaiian had no prior exposure to the measles as an isolated race, it was a new disease for their race.

    But this is more than 200 years later.

    It’s easy to remember back when childhood disease (measles, mumps, and chicken pox) came through a school, neighborhood, or city. Mothers would gather up all the little kiddies and have a party exposing the children to the child that was first to have the sickness.

    We’d all get sick, well some did not, as their immune system fought off the illness without getting sick….so we’d almost all get sick and suffer a week or so; no doctor visit, no drugs, just plenty fluids and good ol Mom’s home made chicken soup…but we all got lifetime immunity to the childhood illnesses.

    Our parents prayed for the next round of childhood illnesses to come along in order to develop that lifetime immunity. None of us or our parents ever thought of considering going to a doctor, instead we let Nature take its course and we got well; no side effects.

    It was the same for the flu, there was no flu shot where they injected you with a dead disease. If you got the flu, you got better, and you got stronger against the flu for next year. Eventually you rarely if ever got the flu again. Of course you cannot eat fake chemic foods.

    All of the childhood illnesses, if you get them for the 1st time when you are into your 20’s and older because you were immunized, those childhood illnesses when you are an adult are a serious matter with severe illness.

    One of the childhood illnesses, I’m sure it’s measles, can even negatively impact fertility in females, if gotten when you are older. Best to get the measles when you are young.

    Apparently young parents do not understand the risks of childhood disease immunizations. Immunizations are known to last only about 20 years as to effectiveness and then the former immunized youth is now a young or older adult and if they come down with one of the childhood illnesses as an adult, they are in for a serious longer lasting more serious illness.

    Mumps when gotten as an adult, especially after a childhood immunization, are known to have the swelling of the jaw’s parotid glands stay hugely and grossly and grotesquely enlarged indefinitely. It disfigures ones face.

    It’s a troublesome situation on the one hand that medical science takes chances trying to fix what’s not broken, that is trying to eliminate childhood illnesses when you are a child and trading that off for getting childhood illnesses when you are an adult.

    When was it that “pseudo science” traded in nature for chemical drug profits and sold medicine and immunizations.

    We’ve all heard of the Columbian Drug Cartel, and more recently the Mexican Drug Cartel, both making $$$ Billions of dollars selling drugs to the American public every year .

    But you’ve never heard it put this way… The Big 4 of the Disease Industry makes $$$ 4 Trillion Dollars a year selling drugs to the American Public…they are called the Medical Drug Cartel…outdoing the other drug cartels by the $$$ Trillions of dollars.

    The Big 4 ?
    1.) Insurance companies, 2.) Petrochemical pharmaceutical drug companies, 3.) Hospitals, and 4.) Doctors who prescribe the drugs to our nation where most people are on at least 1 medication and often 3, 4, 5, and 6 drugs in order to counter act the negative side effects of the first drugs being taken. Vicious Circles of drugs.

    Study Health, not disease, Stay Well with Nature. She’s been watching over us since we all began; and we are still here.



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