Letters for Sunday, January 28, 2018

We survived an ‘accident’

Saturday morning’s false alarm was a wake-up call in a most important way.

Growing up in New York state in the 1950s, we schoolchildren were trained to dive under our desks when we heard the warning siren. We were told the Russians might bomb us.

Last Saturday, my first thought was “Where are the sirens?” My second thought was “Maybe now we can score some land on Kauai …”

On Jan. 8 of this year, in a meeting with diplomats, Pope Francis said, “Nuclear weapons must be banned particularly given the risk that a nuclear conflagration could be started by accident.”

We survived such an “accident.” I’m glad we discovered the weaknesses in the warning system.

This was a real wake-up call.

Mary Alfiler, Wailua

Ferry service would help

By the first week of December, I called Young Brothers to ship a vehicle to Kauai. The only date available was for Jan. 5. On Jan. 5 I called to make reservations for another shipment and could only get Jan. 29 to ship the car. Would this have been the case if there was the ferry service that was turned down by a few in Kauai a few years back?

One could have driven the vehicle on to the ferry and driven it off the ferry. Island folks could have driven to Oahu and joined family and friends for the weekend and returned with their vehicle.

The main reason for the objection was concern for the whales. If these whales could find their way from Alaska and back without any problem, I am sure they would find a way to avoid the ferry service as well.

Syd Jacobs, Kapaa

One 12-pack not worth the wait

Mr. Blake (TGI Forum, Jan. 24), I feel your pain. I would go to Safeway to purchase a 12-pack of Miller High Life (and yes some of us drink real beer, not that overrated, overpriced craft beer stuff). So I proceed to checkout and of course no “express” checkout available, other checkouts have long lines, and for what I have no idea. It’s absolutely ridiculous to have to wait in line to just purchase one item. So I put it back.

Before I left I decided to use the restroom. That was a mistake. As I walked through the eating area I noticed that the trash cans were overflowing. I went over to customer service and brought it to the attention of someone from management, although she gave me a look like I was bothering her.

Basically your complaints, my complaints or anyone else who complains are falling upon deaf ears. I go get my Miller High Life from Times Supermarket/Big Save. I’m in and out of there in less then 10 minutes. Good luck!

Ka‘aona Kipuka, Lawai

  1. ruthann jones January 28, 2018 8:50 am Reply

    shop Safeway’s competitors! Especially ‘local’ markets.

  2. Howard Tolbe January 28, 2018 9:24 am Reply

    Ka’aona Kipuka, I hear you! My wife had an incident were two female employees (and were sister in-law of each other) of Kmart approached this her(my wife) pass Friday/ 26JAN2018. To make a long story short, my wife came home to report the incident to the Store Manager.
    I too, wrote to TGI Letters to the editor of what was said and the Store Manager reaction on the phone to my wife.
    Hopefully my letter get printed in The TGI letter section.
    It seems like they(Store Managers) could leave an express line open for those who have ten items or less throughout the whole business hours daily.

  3. Syd don't know January 28, 2018 9:57 am Reply

    Go to Oahu for the weekend? Try bums with vehicles coming one way and crowding our already fragile aina. You are unbelievable and ignorant!!!!

  4. kauaiboy January 28, 2018 10:29 am Reply

    What a bizarre grouping of LTEs in this morning’s paper.

    -“My second thought was ‘Maybe now we can score some land on Kauai …'” I suppose you are really hoping for another major hurricane strike as well..

    – “The main reason for the objection (about Superferry service) was concern for the whales.” NOT. That was only one of many various reasons people objected to instituting a ferry service to Kauai. None were the “main” reason.

    -“Miller High Life (and yes some of us drink real beer)” Whoa, sounds like you have been drinking far too much of that swill. Better back off for a while, and see if your mind clears…

  5. andy January 28, 2018 8:55 pm Reply

    If Miller High Life is real beer, then I guess MacDonalds is real food?

  6. Howard Tolbe January 29, 2018 12:03 pm Reply

    Ka’aona Kipuka. I hear you! On Friday/Jan 26, 2018 my wife, my mother in-law, and my stepdaughter were shopping at Kmart. Two female employees (who are sister in-laws of each other) approached my wife and started to harass her.
    To make a long story short, my wife came home upset. I told her to call the store and speak to the Store Manager. While on the phone the Store Manager responded very rude and unprofessional. He yelled on the phone, “what you want me to do?” He’s a Store Manager, he should have discipline his employees. He just hung up giving no apologies!
    Seems like now days, Store Managers just don’t care of customers. In your case, the manager should have open the express lane for people who has ten items or less.

  7. manongindashadow January 29, 2018 12:10 pm Reply

    Mr. Jacob, “how true if the ferry was running here! It would have help service the islands. especially in a situation like yours.” Also true, the whales after travelling for years to come to warm waters. Could navigate around the ferry.

  8. lawaibob January 29, 2018 3:28 pm Reply

    “The main reason for the objection was concern for the whales.”

    Actually Syd, no that’s not the main reason. Syd. You should have made your appointment in December and you’d have your car by now. Lame excuse for an argument by the way

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