Letter for Friday, January 26, 2018

Let’s show unity, respect for all

While my sisters, and brothers, march and shout, stand-up and sit-in for the Women’s March at the Lihue Crossroads by the airport today, I choose to write-in in solidarity with all those who are disheartened, disgusted, demoralized or d@#$%& well mad about the current state of our country’s leadership.

I write-in because I’m sick and tired.

Sick and tired of the incivility and indecency of our national public officials, their inability to take responsibility and to solve problems.

I’m sick:

Sick of the expressions, and intentions, of racism, bigotry, misogyny, divisiveness, injustice, and greed. And I’m sick of the incompetence, the fear-mongering, the lobbying, (just say no to Citizen’s United), the gerrymandering,

I’m tired:

Tired of the egos, the lying, the secrecy, the scapegoating, the deceptions, the disrespect, the posturing, the smoke-screening, and the corruption.

We are so much better than this, people.

And we need to speak up for what we value.

And so I write-in.

I write-in for love:

The love of truth. The love of fairness and justice. The love of diversity. The love of kindness. The love of equality. The love of peace. And the love of helping my neighbors and our world.

I write-in for integrity.

Integrity of speech and actions. Integrity in the personal lives and dealings of elected officials. Integrity in the service of public figures and public agencies. Integrity in the professional dealings of corporations.

I write-in for fairness.

Fairness in voting, veterans services, in land use, in citizenship, in taxation. Fairness in policy and procedure and practice.

I write-in for compassion.

Compassion for the poor, the powerless, the sick, the lost, the abused, terrorized, the hungry.

I write-in for respect:

The respect of the planet, the sea, the land, the air, the living things, the parks, the limited natural resources. I write-in for the respect of humanity, in all its diverse forms, and around the world. I write-in for respect of women, of girls, of mothers and grandmothers.

I write-in for respect of cooperation instead of control, for sustainability instead of growth, generosity instead of greed, for freedom of the press instead of silencing the truth, for freedom of religion instead of tyranny by religion.

This is not just about the current president and his own disrespect of women.

It is about the money, and the systems and influences and propaganda that created this presidency and allows the vices and injustices that he represents and promotes to pass into laws of the land.

Where the men in congress are failing the American people,

We the people need to take appropriate action.

We need to cause a remedy, to use out best weapons in this fight.

Our voices and our votes.

Carolyn Larsen, Lihue

  1. ruthann jones January 26, 2018 5:28 am Reply

    ‘May all beings be filled with kindness and compassion for one another’.

  2. Steve Martin January 26, 2018 8:01 am Reply

    Carolyn… I started liking some of the things you were bringing up until you just had to resort to bad mouthing and disrespecting our president and for that you are just as bad as the people who you talk about. Your letter sucks!

  3. Sunrise_blue January 26, 2018 9:30 am Reply

    In Hawai’i the minority group are the islanders. If you’re from the mainland, then you’re in luck. 1988 table 3.4, pg. Public policy in Hawai’i,the breakdown was as follows; Caucasians 23.4 %, Japanese 23.0%, and there were many other ethnic backgrounds listed. Samoans came in close to 1% category. Even though Tua Tagovailoa is popular now. (Who?)

    Anyway, the truth is in Hawai’ jobs are scarce. If I were in Michigan or California, I’d be a computer programmer and just getting by making $21,000 dollars per year. But at least something. Here, everyone needs to scrape by on what they got. I seem to think business will be better if it is controlled. So that means there will be no business to deal with. High tech in Hawai’i is not a popular job career as that from the mainland. Who owns these jobs? As you can see Samsung inc. is one of the world’s top manufacture in cell phones. It is owned by a Korean family and a billionaire downright. Hawai’i is made up of the mixed races, while billionaires come from all over the world.

  4. Steve Martin January 26, 2018 1:20 pm Reply

    Sunrise blue…. I don’t understand your comment. What does it have to do with Carolyn’s letter? Or maybe your comments on what you feel tells you to use any spot to post your feelings. I’m sorry I don’t get it. Please explain if you feel up to it otherwise I ‘ll allow my creative mind to figure you out.

  5. Coral Miles January 27, 2018 5:16 pm Reply

    In response to the “I am tired” 1/26 letter by Carolyn/Gordan Larsen.
    I am tired of the incessant stream of biased, prejudiced, letters to the Garden Island editor which are clearly condemning President Trump and who should receive the courtesy of that high office. Don’t harken back to the argument that he didn’t win the popular vote and shouldn’t be there. It is a fact that three million or more “illegal” immigrants voted with the Dems in California and on the east coast. You do the math.
    The Larsen letter reflects what the media uses to brain-wash and influence Americans; accusation and insinuation without substantiation. You twist his every word. You pervert, interpret, and malign his ideas while bringing up a past decade of, yes, the shameful, locker-room rhetoric of an unmarried, egotistical, playboy. It would, of course, be easy for me to point to the acts of some past and present liberals. You call the president a racist for calling corrupt governments shameful (*holes). He did not refer to their people. Black unemployment is at an all time low, something which didn’t happen during a previous black presidents’ terms. You call the man a misogynist while women have more jobs and more pay than any time in history. Don’t try to suggest these are improvements started by Obama. He had eight years to do what Trump has done in one year.
    The GOP called Obamacare a failure, which has now been proven. A democratic congressman, not subject to that program, says it’s just fine. I have personally suffered the expense of my health care going up 300%. By the way, could someone tell me why Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize?
    If some call Hillary a traitor for selling out our uranium, or destroying evidence with a hammer, they are women haters, or misogynists. Little reported is the fact that Bill and Hillary’s charitable fund gave less than 5.7% to actual charity, while 94.3% went to salaries and benefits, not to mention the “pay for play”.
    On the opposite side of the scale, President Trump gave one million dollars of his own money to Harvey disaster relief. Can you name any public-spirited liberals who did the same?
    Where is your altruistic attitude, your documented proof, against the President and those who support him (not blindly, I might add)? You sling insidious slurs and then promote “The love of kindness. The love of equality. The love of peace.” What hypocrisy!

  6. Steve Martin January 30, 2018 9:50 pm Reply

    Well Carolyn.. After President trumps speech last night You and the liberal democratic media look like the fools you have truly become. Maybe this is a lesson that you should think for yourself instead of filling your head with “fake news.His speech was probably one of the best of any president we have ever had. I know sometimes he can be misleading as any human I know can be,but he sure knows how to put people who think like you in there place ouch!

  7. Steve Martin January 30, 2018 10:05 pm Reply

    After our presidents address, I’m a true believer that the problems of this country is all of you who believe in the stories that you have heard from the media. Shame on those who can’t possibly step out of the box and see what this man is trying to do for this country. At this point if he continues he will not only finish 8 years, but will go down in history as being one of the best presidents this country has ever had. Thanks Donald Trump. How about some RESPECT, it’s about time people wake up.

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